Git Code List

Code-item-list Code Reference Example
git The content tracker -v or --version, -h or --help, -C <path>
config Get and set repository or global options git config --type=<type>, --fixed-value
help Reference help about Git git help -a or --all, -i or --info
bugreport bug report git bugreport --output-directory
init Create an empty Git repository or reinitialize git init -q or --quiet, -b <branch-name>
clone Clone a repository into a new directory git clone --template=<template-directory>
add Add file contents to the index git add --update or -u, ., *., --pathspec-from-file
status Show the working tree status git status <options>
commit Record changes to the repository git commit -m <comment or msg>
diff Show changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc git diff <options> <commit>
push Update remote refs along with associated objects git push <origin(remote)> <master(=>local)>,--all or --mirror, --tags
reset Reset current HEAD to the specified state, cancel commit etc. git reset --soft or --mixed, --hard, (--soft=light weight, commit etc.)
mv Move or rename a file, a directory, or a symlink git mv original file <to> new-change file
pull Fetch from and integrate with another repository or a local branch git pull <options> <repository>
fetch Download objects and refs from another repository to local git fetch <origin(=>remote name)> <master>, <(local)> <(remote)>
remote Manage set of tracked repositories git remote add <origin(=>remote name)> <(URL__/user/repos.git)>, -v
rm Remove files from the working tree and from the index git rm -f or --force, -n, -r, --cached